TCCA White paper: Utilities transition from narrowband

Moving on from narrowband? Top ten considerations for utilities looking to transition from narrowband to next-generation bearers - TCCA Whitepaper

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This TCCA Whitepaper ranks in order of priority the top considerations from the utility sector viewpoint for the migration of mission critical services from narrowband bearers, e.g. TETRA to next-generation bearers. 

The Top 10 considerations are: 

  1. Risk of obsolescence
  2. Resilience
  3. Priority and pre-emption
  4. Coverage
  5. Security
  6. Wide choice of bearers
  7. Mobile device management
  8. Device power
  9. Wide range of modems/routers
  10. 5G

For more resources and insight related to the utilities sector, visit the European Utilities Telecom Council's website here. 

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