Expert knowledge for leaders in business and mission-critical communications 


The Critical Comms Network is an online community for experts working in the field of critical and business communications. It showcases thought leadership, as well as providing a trusted space for peers to network, share ideas and develop their professional skills.

The Network has been developed in collaboration with the two leading magazines in the field, Critical Communications Today and Land Mobile. It will operate all year ‘round as a dedicated digital community.

Our channels showcase specially selected and curated content, focusing on current best practices as well as all the latest issues being dealt with by the sector. This includes news about broadband and narrowband, as well as ‘future’ technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, drones, big data analysis, and so on.

Our ‘Industry Partner’ directory offers the ability to search for specific leading suppliers/manufacturers and their related content and products. It also enables members to follow relevant suppliers and be notified of their latest news.

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To learn more contact either Phil Mason or Victoria Hart. Contact details available on the contact us page.