Atos joins TCCA

Digital transformation specialist Atos has announced its membership of TCCA.
Atos joins TCCA

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According to the company, its purpose is to “help design the future of the information space.” It supports “the development of knowledge, education and research in a multicultural approach.”

Speaking of the company’s TCCA membership, the head of Atos’ critical communications solutions division, Bernard Payer, said:“We are excited to be part of TCCA, and to benefit from our involvement in standardisation and harmonisation. We are currently focused on the development of new 5G and MCX solutions.

“Atos wants to show its commitment to the critical communications markets, share its expertise and learn from others. Our ambition is to better serve our customers through open standards and best practice.”

TCCA chief executive Tony Gray said: “As the critical communications world moves toward a broadband future, the industry is undergoing a significant transformation. The cloud, cybersecurity and big data are three key areas driving this change. We are very pleased to welcome the Atos team to TCCA, and look forward to learning from their expertise.”

Current TCCA projects include supporting the ETSI MCX Plugtests, working with the GCF on critical device certification, and evolving the TETRA standard to meet critical user requirements to 2035 and beyond.

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