British APCO 2024: Call for content

As we plan for British APCO's Conference & Exhibition in 2024, we are inviting you to get involved and help shape the conference's programme next year.
British APCO 2024: Call for content

The annual British APCO Conference & Exhibition has established itself as the leading, must-attend, event for the public safety communications sector in the UK.  

This is your chance to get involved and shape the conference content for next year’s event in the BAPCO Show call for content. You’ll join world-renowned expert speakers and acclaimed public safety leaders to discuss the most pressing topics, share the challenges and solutions you are all facing and discover the new & evolving public safety technology the market has to offer to better protect the public.

With that in mind we are not only looking for ideas and innovations to help those on the frontline, but also practical examples of how these solutions can be used, and how to overcome obstacles and challenges.

A list of the headline topics the programme will focus on is below and you are invited to propose your own content titles that fit these headline areas. 

  1. Adoption of evolving IT and communications technologies and solutions supported by case study and /or real-life demonstrations
  2. Innovative and new case studies that demonstrate the real-life use of technology in daily operations
  3. Innovating control rooms communication and next generation 999/112 call handling
  4. Sharing exciting new technologies / products for demonstration
  5. Managing the challenges of transitioning to Broadband and 5G and what the hybrid solutions are along the way
  6. Cybersecurity solutions – what are the threats today and how do we solve these for now and in the future? Remaining one step ahead
  7. How can drones and automated vehicles help with operational efficiency?
  8. What are the AI solutions and challenges? Addressing the fears and demonstrating the benefits.
  9. Cross-agency cooperation: learning from other public safety agencies
  10. Delivering the internet of public safety things

If your proposal does not fit into these suggested content areas, please suggest a topic of your choice and provide some context as to why you believe this is a must share topic and should be front and centre at BAPCO Annual Event, 6-7 March 2024.

Click here to complete the online submission form to select which topics you could cover and suggest your own ideas, or reply to this email.

We look forward to seeing you in March next year.

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