CCW 2022 speaker interview: Jens-Peter Neumann

Jens-Peter Neumann, Senior Project Manager, ErvoCom AG, presents a future-ready TETRA solution for Zurich Airport
CCW 2022 speaker interview: Jens-Peter Neumann

What will you be speaking about at CCW 2022? Why is that an important topic?

A modern airport communication system based on the TETRA standard [will be] presented with several integrated special solutions, which have been developed exclusively due to the user requirements of many different user organisations.

What do you see as being the big issues and challenges for the sector over the next five years?

Due to ever-increasing traffic volumes, apart from the pandemic period, more and more flights have to be handled in the same, or even reduced, time with the existing infrastructure. This can only be achieved by means of technical systems, especially communication systems. The expandability and scalability of these systems is a major challenge in order to keep pace with the growing demands.

What will be the most transformative development in terms of the technology? What will that development mean for user operations, as well as the broader market?

Migration from narrowband and broadband is the topic - e.g., various smart clients (Android/iOS) in connection with traditional PMR systems. Depending on requirements, use cases and infrastructure, flexible, customer-tailored system combinations should be easy to realise. For the user, it will be one system with various, integrated usage options from classic, secure voice communication to specific broadband applications.

What should be the number one priority for the sector going into the future?

Investment safety for narrowband solutions such as those at Zurich Airport, which must be expandable in the future, including broadband solutions, and meet all the customers' increasing requirements.

Critical Communications World 2022 takes place between 21-23 June at the Messe Vienna, Austria

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