CCW 2022 speaker interview: Keith Ammons

PowerTrunk vice president of market development discusses his upcoming presentation at Critical Communications World in Vienna
CCW 2022 speaker interview: Keith Ammons

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What will you be speaking about at CCW 2022? Why is that an important topic?

I’ll be giving a North America TETRA update. Even though it is the single largest radio communications market in the world, North America was the last region to adopt TETRA as a viable solution for mission critical communication networks. That was despite the fact that TETRA was already the globally leading radio standard.

It has been just over ten years since the commercial and regulatory barriers to the entry of TETRA in North America have been overcome. It is interesting to take note of its growth and progress in the region, and its specific market sectors and customers.

What are the key messages that you would like people to take away after attending your conference session?

The key message is that TETRA will remain, for the next several years, a strong solution for mission critical voice and data networks in multiple sectors. That includes public transportation, utilities, oil and gas, and public safety.

What do you see as being the big issues and challenges for the sector over the next five years?

Broadband convergence is an important issue with respect to TETRA, but it should not be seen as a threat to TETRA’s further continuation and growth. TETRA and broadband systems will coexist, and in many cases may operate side by side as complementary and/or hybrid network solutions.

What should be the number one priority for the sector going into the future?

Assuring the interoperability and survivability of mission critical communications systems.

What are you most looking forward to at CCW 2022 in Vienna? Are there any conference sessions in particular that have caught your attention?

I am personally looking forward to reconnecting in person with colleagues, and in staying up to date with current issues and developments in the industry.

Critical Communications World 2022 takes place between 21-23 June at the Messe Vienna, Austria

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