CCW 2022 speaker interview: Silvia Fanigliulo

Silvia Fanigliulo, International Sales Manager at Leonardo, previews her talk on cybersecurity features integrated with TETRA
CCW 2022 speaker interview: Silvia Fanigliulo

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What will you be speaking about at CCW 2022? Why is that an important topic?

I will be speaking about enhanced cybersecurity features integrated with TETRA. This is an important topic because it improves the protection of critical infrastructures such as driverless metro systems.

What are the key messages that you would like people to take away after attending your conference session?

I would like people to understand the importance of implementing a proper cybersecurity strategy in order to create a resilient and trusted cyber environment, through the integration of enhanced features with a stable technology like TETRA. The aim is to improve the protection of critical information infrastructure against cyber-attacks, protecting the interfaces towards the TETRA network, learning how to detect, monitor and avoid possible external attacks and how to protect remote accesses.

What are you most looking forward to at CCW 2022 in Vienna? Are there any conference sessions in particular that have caught your attention?

I am planning to attend TETRA today and into the future; FOCUS FORUM: TETRA: a technology in continuous evolution; and KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Critical infrastructure cyber security: what to expect?

I also look forward to meeting people in the global TETRA community to share our experiences and views and to increase my network!

Critical Communications World 2022 takes place between 21-23 June at the Messe Vienna, Austria

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