CCW 2022 speaker interview: Valerio Di Claudio

Valerio Di Claudio, Leonardo Cyber Security Division, previews his discussion of the new FRMCS standard
CCW 2022 speaker interview: Valerio Di Claudio

What will you be speaking about at CCW 2022? Why is that an important topic?

The main topic is the new FRMCS standard. It is important as it represents the successor of the GSM-R, which is already a successful project, providing dedicated services for railways and, above all, European interoperability for a long time. FRMCS can be considered a revolution for its flexibility, but it shall preserve the original benefits of GSM-R. The standardization plan will be also presented.

What will be the most transformative development in terms of the technology? What will that development mean for user operations, as well as the broader market? 

In my view the most transformative development in terms of the technology is the separation of railway services from the radio access. This aspect will generate a broader market, enabling the deployment of advanced FRMCS services, even in applications where dedicated radio systems are not considered today for cost reasons.

What should be the number one priority for the sector going into the future?

The main priority is the stabilization and validation of the FRMCS standard in a short time, due to its greater complexity compared to the GSM-R, especially in the railway sector, where the introduction of new technologies requires a long time for testing and acceptance procedures.

Critical Communications World 2022 takes place between 21-23 June at the Messe Vienna, Austria