CCW 2023 Conference Programme - Day three

The programme theme for 2023 will focus on the ever increasing importance of collaborating and sharing knowledge between organisations, sectors, verticals and nations, to keep advancing the field of critical communications.
CCW 2023 Conference Programme - Day three

You can find the full programme here, but below is an overview of the keynote addresses and panel discussions for day three. Critical Communications World is taking place in Helsinki from 23-25 May 2023 - you can register your place here.  

Keynote Address: What is possible with dedicated critical broadband networks? This high-level presentation will discuss the potential changes and improvements that dedicated broadband networks can bring to the field of critical communications operations, in terms of technology and ways of working, and crucially, what the benefits could be for end users.

Keynote Address: Cyberthreats: How to identify and manage risks: A high-level overview of where the main risks are with regards to mission critical communications, and the main ways we can protect ourselves.

Panel discussion: Is success being prevented by regulation? In this session experts will discuss which role existing and new regulation of digital services plays for mission critical services and how we can see to that national and international regulation take the needs of the mission critical communications users into account.

Panel discussion: New ways of using data: where would we like to be in 20 years and how do we get there? This session will explore how data can and will be used to optimise critical communications operations now and in the future.

Panel discussion: Mission critical broadband device requirements: what do the users actually need? A panel of Government operators, industry experts and critical communications users will discuss what is actually required to improve operations, and what needs to be done to get there.

Panel discussion: Working collaboratively with end users to drive critical communications forward: This discussion will focus on the importance of collaboration between industry and end users, including how the needs and requirements of end users/operators/agencies are heard and catered for when planning new technologies and solutions.

Panel discussion: Network security - challenges, solutions and ways of learning and sharing experience: A variety of cybersecurity experts will describe the challenges and the need to learn from each other to stay cyber-secure in this rapidly evolving field.

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