CCW 2023 Conference Programme - Day two

The programme theme for 2023 will focus on the ever increasing importance of collaborating and sharing knowledge between organisations, sectors, verticals and nations, to keep advancing the field of critical communications.
CCW 2023 Conference Programme - Day two

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You can find the full programme here, but below is an overview of the keynote addresses and panel discussions for day two. Critical Communications World is taking place in Helsinki from 23-25 May 2023 - you can register your place here

Keynote address: The state of critical communications today and the pathway to the future: This keynote will give an overview of the state of critical communications today, including the the impact contributors have on community well-being.

Keynote address: Innovations in critical communications: A high-level overview of the anticipated technological innovations that will drive the field of critical communications forward over the next 5 years.

Panel discussion: Multinational hybrid operations - using TETRA and broadband cross-borders in the Nordics: This panel session will discuss the current state, the identified challenges and potential solutions to move forward. This is linked with a planned live demonstration with the Nordic end-user organisations.

Panel discussion: The challenges of spectrum for utilities, transport and other verticals: This discussion will explore the key challenges in moving from a narrowband to a broadband world, and will discuss the steps needed to ensure spectrum across all the vertical sectors.

The Big Debate: Who owns your network and do you trust them? Private vs Public - what does that mean in an MC-X world? This session assembles the best critical communications industry leaders to discuss the big topic of most recent times – private built, owned and operated networks versus public ones.

Panel discussion: What is the future role of Government Operators? This panel discussion will include perspectives from world-wide Government operators on how they need to change and adapt over the coming years.

Panel discussion: Maritime critical communications: This session will discuss a variety of critical communications solutions for use at sea and in harsh maritime environments.

Panel discussion: Commercial mobile networks - how can everybody work better together to deliver services that are necessary? This panel session will explore how commercial mobile operators need to work with users and other stakeholders to help drive critical communications forward.

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