Cops for Ukraine initiative

Cops for Ukraine are hoping to raise £25,000 to support Ukrainian Police Officers and their families with desperately required essential Humanitarian Aid and Equipment
Cops for Ukraine initiative

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On 14 February 2022 Police Officers from the Ukrainian National Police were transferred to 'Combat Alert' in response to the build-up of Russian Military on and close to the Russian border with Ukraine. Police officers, most with little or no military training, overnight swapped their police uniform and duties to military fatigues taking up positions on the front line, defending their country, its democracy and their freedom.

The Cops for Ukraine initiative was started by Jim Clark and Rob Stordy, both serving Cheshire Officers, following a Humanitarian Aid trip to the Ukrainian border.

Cops for Ukraine are asking groups of cops, shifts, teams and stations to pull together to help raise as much as possible for this incredibly important cause. 

You can read more and find donation opportunities here

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