Motorola demonstrates in-vehicle AI at CCW 2021

M500 is the first AI-enabled in-car video system for law enforcement in Europe
Motorola demonstrates in-vehicle AI at CCW 2021

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Motorola Solutions has developed what it claims is the first AI-enabled in-car video system for law enforcement in Europe.

According to the company, the M500 features “backseat passenger analytics,” which automatically starts in-car recording as soon as someone sits in the back of the vehicle. The system also incorporates AI into automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) functionality, enabling “critical alerts” around persons of interest.

Speaking of the technology, a spokesperson said: “The M500 delivers the significant advantage of sharing real-time insights with officers, both in the field and through the command centre. It can automatically pair with [our] VB400 body-worn cameras to simultaneously record an incident from multiple perspectives.

“The system is also designed to seamlessly integrate with Motorola Solutions' video evidence platform, to upload and manage the recorded footage as part of post-incident workflows.”

Vice president and CTO of Software Enterprise and Mobile Video at Motorola, Mahesh Saptharishi, said: “Responsibly bringing AI to public safety is essential to drive efficiency, safety and transparency in policing. The simple task of automatically recording an individual in the backseat of a police vehicle is just the start.

“The M500 represents the future for the police vehicle, where AI and advanced analytics will be able to detect more complex anomalies or threats, to enhance awareness and safety for officers and citizens alike.”

The new M500 is being demonstrated for the first time in Europe at this week's CCW 2021 in Madrid.

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