NHS rolls-out body worn video to ambulance staff

Motorola to provide BWV to all services after successful trials in London and North East
NHS rolls-out body worn video to ambulance staff

Motorola Solutions is providing the National Health Service in England with its VB400 body-worn video camera.

According to the company, the roll-out is intended to “increase transparency and safety for [the NHS'] frontline workers and citizens across the country.”

The country-wide deployment follows successful trials taking place with London and North East ambulance services earlier this year.

Speaking of the technology, a spokesperson for the company said: “The foundation of safety that the cameras provide allows ambulance workers to remain focused on making life-saving decisions and delivering patient care.”

English ambulance trusts will deploy the devices alongside Motorola’s VideoManager evidence management software.

Clinical service manager at North East Ambulance Service, Darren Green, said: “If we are unable to protect our staff, we are unable to provide a service that’s fit for purpose for the public we serve. The availability of body-worn cameras is something that we have championed for a long time and we are delighted to have led the trial to help implement them nationally.”

Fergus Mayne, country manager and head of UK sales at Motorola Solutions, said: “The adoption of VB400 body-worn cameras across all ambulance trusts in England is a significant endorsement for how they help to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the public and ambulance crews."

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