Sepura launches TETRA automation product

TETRA automation tool eliminates user error by “enabling TETRA radio automation through geofencing and situational triggers”
Sepura launches TETRA automation product

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Sepura has developed AutoMate, a solution which works – according to the company – by “enabling TETRA radio automation through geofencing and situational triggers”.

The functionality is intended to enhance operations across both public safety and commercial sites, with the solution eliminating the risk of user error. Furthermore, the app is designed to be pre-set around an operator’s “typical needs and workflows”, while also being able to incorporate “logic or priority in more complex cases”.

One potential use-case offered by the company takes place within the mining environment where, if the TETRA signal is lost underground, radios using the application could automatically revert to direct mode.

Speaking of the solution and its development, Sepura’s chief technology officer, Peter Hudson, said: “A key element of our success has been in tailoring specific solutions to match our users’ needs.

“Customers are increasingly looking for intelligent [technology] to improve their operations. AutoMate is a prime example of how they can do this, without the need for expensive upgrades.”

The AutoMate product is available to current users of Sepura’s SC Series of handheld and mobile radios. The company has stated that no upgrade is required in order to use the technology, either to the devices themselves or network infrastructure.

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