Critical Communications World 2023

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May 24, 2023


The current infrastructure are prone to saturation during disasters when you need the most!. Additional question comes to my mind; are the current infrastructures 'fit for purpose', considering lack of real time ( ultra- low latency) connectivity everywhere covering countries and cross border, and anyone. The sub-sea cables are prone to disasters (Tsunami) and sabotage. Satellites in space are vulnerable (e.g collision or satellites can be taken over and earth stations). Frequent hurricanes, flooding, high wind, fire making existing infrastructures impotent. Any suggestions; An alternate low cost interoperable cross-border infrastructure for in country- across borders for Critical Communication  and reaches parts others cannot even when no mobile, satellite or landline yet existing devices can be used.  Disaster proof, green, low cost and increases the digital capacity of any country by a factor of 3-4   when you need the most.

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