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Content Team, CC Network
Luciano Castilho

Telecommunication Agent, Brazilian Federal Police

 Information Science Master from Santa Catarina Federal University UFSC, Brazil.  Specialist in Information Security   Management and Communications Specialist , researching topics related to communication in critical missions for operations of public security. Since 2004 he has been a Telecommunications Agent for the Federal Brazilian Police, working mainly in following topics: mission-critical telecommunications networks, data communication, technology and information security, having completed a series of certifications, training,lectured at events and classes for universities and public security institutions. He published several articles within this theme and the books: Information Security: Case Studies Multimodals and QSA 5: Cyber Tactical Mission for Critical Comms He carried out exchanges related to telecommunications on a critical mission with the Secretariat of Integrated Operations, General Border Coordination of the Ministry of Justice and Security Public in 2019. Works in critical communication support in various operations nationally and regionally, from planning to execution, with a strong presence in operations in the triple region border and in the Curitiba region. He is a Professor of the Operational Techniques-Communications Department of the Training Courses Police officer at the National Police Academy, where he also works in prospecting for training related to tactical-operational communication. Since 2008 he has worked as a university professor at Higher Education Institutions inUndergraduate and Postgraduate
Mancastroppa Marc

Information Systems and Critical Communication Infrastructure Advisor, Geneva State Police


ceo, acom

Rik Boelee

Sales manager, Tucana

Bethany Spalding

Account Manager, IoTAS

I am an Account Manager at IoTAS, IoTAS was founded in 2003 to provide a wide range of wireless testing solutions and services globally. Since then, we have gained an enviable reputation for quality and professionalism within the wireless community. IoTAS specialise in the delivery of 3GPP related quality assured services and solutions and have extensive experience working with leading manufacturers and test houses with hands-on knowledge in handset design, approvals management and field testing.
Jon Glasco

Freelance writer, ...

Shaira Fernandez

Sales Executive, Mark Allen

Linda Hogg

Head of Business Development, Black Marble

Andrea Rampoldi

Key Account Manager, Andrea Rampoldi

Career Profile Long experience (40 years) with Broadcast Network, Media Networks and System integrator  in Italy and abroad. Shared activities working with the major Broadcast Network radio and television. Since 2010 activity focused on International experience: involved in different projects for the emerging countries ( especially African Countries ) for Tv, Radio, Telecom and critical communications. Key Strengths Consolidated experience and position for turnkey solutions in the broadcasting field. Qualifications & skills Master in Islamic Finance  Master in International Finance  Master in Marketing Diploma electronic engineering technician in telecommunications  English Language  Basic German Language skills. Keywords To extended know-how based on the large experience as system integrator. Specialties leadership of technical teams: - Broadcast Television Systems   - Broadcast Radio Systems - Isofrequency Fm Systems ( Fiber Optic Application ) - Base Station and Repeaters ( Fixed and Portable sets ) - Satellite Product and Solutions - Time and Frequency Systems ( GPS, NTP Time Server ) - IP Networking Systems - Radio coverage ( with software simulation tool ) - Towers, Poles, Cell on Wheels, Cell on Truck, Shelter - Ups  - Generating Sets  - Lightning Protection Systems - Audio Professional Systems - Single or multi-Channel Radio and TV Automation Systems - Installation services with or without contract of maintenance.
Steve Caldwell

Business Analyst, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

Noel Kirkaldy

Critical networks market development , Nokia Corporation

Louis Parratt

Head of RF, Hamilton Barnes



Zero To Hero
Alicia Burns

Public Safety Communications Outreach, Retired - Now Consultant

Raphael Aebersold

Field CTO Mission Critical Communication, Swisscom

Chris Snewin

Stakeholder Engagement Manager , NSW Telco Authority

Philip Mason

Managing Editor, Critical Communications Portfolio, Mark Allen Exhibitions

Dennis Earnshaw

Team Leader Networks , Airways

Reijo Karhulahti

Commercial Director, Stopnoise Finland Ltd

Arnaud Legrand

Head of Marketing, Public Sector, Nokia