Muthukumar Velusamy (He/Him)

Director , PM Square Soft Services Private Limited
Luciano Castilho

Telecommunication Agent, Brazilian Federal Police

 Information Science Master from Santa Catarina Federal University UFSC, Brazil.  Specialist in Information Security   Management and Communications Specialist , researching topics related to communication in critical missions for operations of public security. Since 2004 he has been a Telecommunications Agent for the Federal Brazilian Police, working mainly in following topics: mission-critical telecommunications networks, data communication, technology and information security, having completed a series of certifications, training,lectured at events and classes for universities and public security institutions. He published several articles within this theme and the books: Information Security: Case Studies Multimodals and QSA 5: Cyber Tactical Mission for Critical Comms He carried out exchanges related to telecommunications on a critical mission with the Secretariat of Integrated Operations, General Border Coordination of the Ministry of Justice and Security Public in 2019. Works in critical communication support in various operations nationally and regionally, from planning to execution, with a strong presence in operations in the triple region border and in the Curitiba region. He is a Professor of the Operational Techniques-Communications Department of the Training Courses Police officer at the National Police Academy, where he also works in prospecting for training related to tactical-operational communication. Since 2008 he has worked as a university professor at Higher Education Institutions inUndergraduate and Postgraduate