CCW 2022: New Singapore Metro Lines

Silvia Fanigliulo delivers this session on new Singapore metro lines: enhanced cybersecurity services, encryption and integration with TETRA for the transportation market

Silvia Fanigliulo, International Sales Manager at Leonardo S.p.A, presents this session. 

In the past few years Singapore’s Government has worked on a cybersecurity global strategy in order to create a resilient and trusted cyber environment to protect Singapore’s economy and way of life. This strategy has been formalised through the release of the Cybersecurity Act, with the aim of taking measures to prevent, manage and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents, to regulate owners of critical information infrastructure, to regulate cybersecurity service providers.

One of its main objectives is to strengthen the protection of critical information infrastructure against cyber-attacks. An example of this is the metro systems. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has increasingly included in their tenders a full set of requirements to enhance and improve cybersecurity features and functionalities for all the upcoming metro systems in Singapore, in full compliance with Government Regulations and acts.

After TEL (Thomson East-Coast Line), where for the first time a subset of IT and cybersecurity requirements have been included as mandatory in the technical requirements, in JRL (Jurong Region Line) there was a full set of requirements to comply with the request for an improved level of security for all the involved subsystems, including the TETRA system.

JRL is the first metro line system in Singapore where the full set of TETRA security features will be included (both AIE and E2EE), in order to provide secure communications to the metro systems operators, together with a rich package of cybersecurity features, such as the full compliance to the CIS prescriptions, the anti-virus with centralized ePO server, the IoC (Indicator of Compromise), the Two-factors authentication  to control and secure all remote accesses, the HSM (Hardware Security Module) for the central storage of all system passwords. This enhanced package will surely set a new baseline for the cybersecurity features in all the next metro systems in the area.

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