CCW 2022: North America TETRA update

Keith Ammons, VP Market Development, PowerTrunk, Inc. delivers TETRA updates from the USA

This presentation will review and provide a current update on the status and market position of TETRA technology for the North American land mobile radio market. 

The discussion will include a brief analysis of the TETRA installed base in the US and Canada, information and data relative to the regional market growth of TETRA over time, and descriptions and details about the latest and most significant TETRA network roll-outs currently in progress.  All major market sectors will be covered including public transport, utilities, public safety, and oil & gas.


  • Learn about the current status of TETRA network deployments and growth in the USA and Canada.
  • Understand why North American customers are choosing TETRA vs. other available technologies
  • Examples of North American customer references in the public transit, utilities, public safety, and industrial sectors.

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