CCW 2022: Panel Discussion: How to get broadband services up and running - testing and certification

PART ONE: Panel discussion from Critical Communications World 2022 on testing and certification programs for broadband services

Expectations within the critical communications community are high, that testing and certification programs will be created and established for mission critical broadband end-to-end services over 4G/5G, similar to the existing programs for example TETRA.

But the mission critical broadband ecosystem is complex and those that are responsible for testing and verifying the services are facing new challenges continuously. Many of those topics are likely common across critical broadband projects throughout the world.

In this panel session the leading experts are called together to share their experiences, challenges and solutions.

The speakers in this discussion are: 

  • Harald Ludwig - Chair, Technical Forum, TCCA
  • Kari Junttila - Development Manager, Suomen Erillisverkot Group
  • Peter Clemons - President, Quixoticity-EU & Vice-President, Standards, EUWENA
  • Renaud Mellies - Head of International Cooperation, Standardisation and Innovation, RRF Programme, French Ministry of Interior
  • Dereck Orr - Division Chief, NIST Public Safety Communications Research Division
  • Steven Wyckaert - Next Generation Communications Product Owner - Mobile Devices, ASTRID
  • Brian Hobson - Roadmap Development Division, U.S. Government First Responder Network Authority

You can watch part two here

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