CCW 2022: Panel discussion: The future of railway communications

PART TWO: In this panel discussion, Valerio Di Claudio, Sonia Miguel and Peteveikko Lyly try to define what the communications of the future will look like in the rail sector

The framework to be defined by FRMCS (Future Railway Mobile Communication System) promises to revolutionise communications in rail environments.

Narrowband systems continue to support the voice and data transmission needs of transport systems, but trains, metros and trams are increasingly employing applications that require higher transmission capacity.

Broadband systems must become the technology that supports the transmission requirements that transport systems use on a daily basis in their operation, improving efficiency, maintenance operations and even the passenger experience.

This session will incorporate short 'teaser' presentations and a longer panel discussion, to try to define what the communications of the future will look like in the rail sector, and how broadband technologies can deliver train-to-ground communications with the levels of security, availability and quality of service required in these environments.

The speakers are: 

  • Valerio Di Claudio, Leonardo Cyber Security CTO - R&D, Grants & Collaborations
  • Sonia Miguel, Product Manager at Teltronic
  • Peteveikko Lyly, Expert, mobile networks for the Finnish Transport Network Agency

You can watch part one here

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