GAGV: Critical communications updates from around the world (2)

PART THREE: Ken Rehbehn chairs this session which provides critical communications updates from around the world

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The speakers in this presentation are: 

  • Jane Stojanov: a Head of Sector for Telecommunications at Ministry of Interior
  • Dimitri Gilissen: Program Director, NOOVA, Ministry of Justice and Security, Netherlands
  • Luz Fernandez Del Rosal: International Cooperation, Directorate Strategy and Central Management, BDBOS
  • Jose Isidro Torreblanca, Chief of Operations of SIRDEE, Spanish Ministry of Interior
  • Eng. Saad Ibrahim Alaskar: Director of Field Operations Center, CITC
  • Eng. Abdullah Basher Almutairi: Acting Director of Spectrum Planning and National Cooperation, Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC)
  • Sofia Enlund: Head of Business Support Section, Department of Cybersecurity, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB
  • Kylie De Courteney: Managing Director, NSW Telco Authority
  • Eline Paxal: Head, Department of Emergency Communications, The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB), Norway

You can watch part four here.

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