GAGV: Critical communications updates from around the world

PART THREE: Headline presentations from Government authorities from around the world, to describe their nationwide communications programmes.

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Presentations will be from the following Government Authorities or Operators:

  • Lisa Casias, Deputy CEO, U.S. Government First Responder Network Authority, USA
  • Jo Dewaele, Head of Marketing, ASTRID, Belgium
  • Phil Crnko, Chair, Finance and Governance Committee, PSBN Innovation Alliance (PIA), Canada
  • Renaud Mellies, Head of International Cooperation, Standardization and Innovation, RRF Programme, French Ministry of Interior, France
  • Viktor Kohári, Pro-M, Hungary
  • Ari Toivonen, Programme Director, Virve 2.0, Erillisverkot, Finland
  • DongChan Kim, Technical and Executive Officer (VP) of Korea Safe-Net Forum & Korea Association Public Safety Telecommunication (KAPST), Safe-Net Forum, Republic of Korea
  • Cate Walton, Deputy CEO, Home Office, UK

Chaired by Barbara Held. 

You can watch part four here

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