Use of TETRA: what has worked well and what has gone wrong - part 1

Al Edwards, Robin Davis and Frédéric Jans-Cooremans

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  • Short presentations highlighting specific uses of TETRA across multiple sectors and industries 
  • The presentations will demonstrate situations that have gone well, and not so well
  • Lessons that can be learned from these specific examples

Highways England Case Study: use of TETRA on a nationwide road network
Al Edwards, Technology Operations Manager & Sponsor, Highways England
Robin Davis, TCCA & Actica Consulting

Use of TETRA at STIB: Public Transport Company in Brussels
Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Project Manager at the STIB, Public Transport Company of Brussels

Lisa Freeman

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A series of two-day online conferences which will allow you to hear directly from users on their success stories and challenges, and the lessons which can be learned from both. 

Optimise your planning and take your operations forward by hearing about the latest initiatives and innovations.

The conferences are curated to give the latest insights to those on the frontline, as well as procurement and commissioning managers in charge of strategic planning. 

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