Use of TETRA: what has worked well and what has gone wrong - part 2

Doug Bowden, Mark Wood, John Dundas and Terrance Lai
  • Short presentations highlighting specific uses of TETRA across multiple sectors and industries 
  • The presentations will demonstrate situations that have gone well, and not so well
  • Lessons that can be learned from these specific examples

Use of TETRA in the Australian resource sector, including railway
Doug Bowden, 
Co-Director, Australasian Critical Communications Forum
Mark Wood, Co-Director, Australasian Critical Communications Form

Use of TETRA at Minsk European Games

John Dundas, Consultant, DundasTech Limited & representative from the Minsk European Games Operations Team

Benefits and challenges of using TETRA at CLP Power Hong Kong
Terrance Lai, Senior Telecom Manager, CLP Power, Hong Kong